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Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions
ADV Service - company name ADV Service Ltd., registry code 40203026199, address Brivibas Str. 155, k-4, Riga, LV-1012.
General terms and conditions - these terms and conditions for the use of the website, ordering Publications, principles for data processing  and principles for the use of cookies.
Publication - a periodic paper or digital product delivered on the basis of the order.
Customer - private or legal person who has concluded a contract with ADV Service or ADV Service Reklama for ordering the Publication.
User - user of the ADV Service environment or the person who ordered the Publication.
Party - ADV Service or the Customer, jointly referred to as the Parties.
Publisher - the company publishing the Publication.
Order - a contract of purchase and sale concluded between ADV Service or ADV Service Reklama and the Customer, the content of which is the order of the Publication.
Paper product - Publication in a paper form.
Digital product - Publication whose content can be seen in all digital channels: PC, tablet and mobile phone.
ADV Service.lv - a news portal managed by ADV Service and located at www.ADV Service.lv.
2.1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all Users.
2.2. ADV Service is entitled to unilaterally amend the General Terms and Conditions under the following conditions:
2.2.1. the amendment is due to the substantive or technical development of the field;
2.2.2. the amendment is due to the modification of a law or other legal status.
2.3. ADV Service must notify the Customer of any amendments at least one (1) month prior to the entry into force of such amendments.
2.4. ADV Service shall notify the Customer of amendments made to the General Terms and Conditions via customer service channels, on their website, on paper, via e-mail or otherwise.
2.5. If the Customer does not agree to the amendment of the General Terms and Conditions, he/she will have the opportunity to cancel the respective contractual relationship with ADV Service within one (1) month from the notification of the amendment. If within this one (1) month, the Customer does not express the intention to terminate the contract, the amendments shall be deemed to have entered into force.
Rights of the Customer
3.1. The Customer is entitled to receive the Publication for the period ordered by him/him to address indicated by him/her according to the submitted and duly paid Order.
3.2. The Customer has the right to order the Publication at a price specified by the Publisher and in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.
3.3. The Customer is entitled to submit complaints regarding the delivery of the Publication or regarding the Publication in general to the Publisher's Customer Service from Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 67088707 or to the e-mail address redakcija@ADV Service.lv within two months from the date of discovery of the grounds for the complaint.
3.4. If the Publisher does not resolve the complaints of the Customer within a reasonable time, the Customer is entitled to contact the Consumer Protection Board.
3.5. The Customer is entitled to express his/her wish for the early termination of the Order. Upon the early termination of the Order, the Customer is entitled to claim the reimbursement of the Order price from the date of termination of the Order until the end of the order period. The Publisher is entitled to deduct up to 10%, but not less than 3.00 euros of the amount to be repaid to cover the early termination costs. For the early termination of the Order, it is necessary to submit a written application, indicating the Customer and Order details, bank account number and the name of the account holder. Reimbursements shall not be made in cash. In case of early termination of the Order, the Publisher shall transfer the reimbursed amount to the Customer to the bank account indicated in the written application within ten (10) working days.
3.6. The Customer is entitled to change the delivery address of the Paper Product Order within the Republic of Latvia. In order to do so, the Customer must inform about his/her wish via the Publisher's Customer Service telephone at 67088707, via e-mail at redakcija@ADV Service.lv. The re-addressing shall enter into force within ten (10) working days from the receipt of such notification at the latest. The shortest period for re-addressing is 1 (one) week.
Obligations of the Customer
3.7. Upon the submission of the Order, the Customer is required to submit the necessary data for the execution of the Order.
3.8. If the submitted data of the Customer is false and/or incomplete, the Publisher shall not be responsible for the improper execution of the Order.
3.9. Pursuant to the Postal Act, the Customer must have a mailbox that complies with the requirements, is secure, accessible, suitable for the measurements of the Publication and identifiable as the mailbox of the Customer.
3.10. The Customer shall ensure a secure, free, snow and ice clear (in the wintertime) access to his/her mailbox.
3.11. In case the mailbox of the Customer does not comply with the requirements specified in these Terms and Conditions, the Publisher shall not be responsible for the non-compliant delivery of the Publication.
3.12. The Publisher shall pay for the Order in a timely manner and in full according to the payment method chosen by the Customer. Otherwise, the Publisher cannot ensure the proper execution of the Order.
3.13. Upon the submission of the Order, the Customer confirms that he/she agrees with the General Terms and Conditions and undertakes to comply with them.
3.14. The User has the right to use only his/her personal username and password for the use of Digital Products. Giving the personal username and password to third parties is strictly forbidden.
Rights of the Publisher
3.15. The Publisher is entitled to set the price of the Order and other terms and conditions of the order.
3.16. The publisher is entitled to suspend or terminate the partial or full publication of the Publication. It is recommended that the Publisher shall notify the Customer thereof at least seven (7) days in advance. If the Publisher decides to suspend or terminate the publication of the Publication, the Publisher undertakes to return the advance payment paid by the Customer.
3.17. In case the Customer fails to comply with the obligations stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions, the Publisher shall not guarantee the execution of the Order.
3.18. The Publisher has the right to demand from the Customer the compliance with the requirements specified in the General Terms and Conditions. If the Customer fails to comply with the requirements within fourteen (14) days, the Publisher has the right to suspend or terminate the Order.
Obligations of the Publisher
3.19. In case the Customer complies with all the obligations stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions in a duly manner, the Publisher shall guarantee the execution of the Order.
3.20. The Publisher undertakes to accept and document all complaints related to the execution of the Customer’s Order.
3.21. The Publisher undertakes to resolve the complaint of the Customer only if the complaint is not dependent on the Customer. If the cause of the complaint is due to the Customer, the Customer must immediately remove such cause.
3.22. In case the Customer does not often or sometimes receive the Publication and has fulfilled all his/her obligations stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions, the Publisher undertakes to extend the Customer’s Order for free in the amount of the Publications not received by the Customer.
3.23. In case the Order deadline approaches, the Publisher undertakes to send a single advance payment/sales offer to the Customer to enable the Customer to renew the Order, if he/she wishes to do so.
General Provisions
4.1. The data processing principles apply to all Users of ADV Service
Data Collection
4.2. In the submission of the Order, the data submitted by the Customer are divided into obligatory and voluntary data.
4.3. The Customer is obliged to submit the following data:
4.3.1. Name - required for the performance and execution of the contract;
4.3.2. Personal identification code - required for the performance and execution of the contract. If the Customer has ordered the Publication with e-invoice standing order contract, the Customer’s personal identification code is necessary for the use of banking services. This is also required if the Customer fails to fulfil his/her obligations to ADV Service and it is necessary to use legal remedies.
4.3.3. Order delivery address - is required for execution of the contract in case of ordering the Paper Products, otherwise it will not be possible to execute the contract, that is, to deliver the ordered Publication.
4.3.4. E-mail address - necessary for the performance and execution of the contract and the submission of invoices.
4.3.5. Phone number - necessary for the performance and execution of the contract and sending information about downtimes in the accessibility of the services.
4.4. Voluntary data include the phone number and/or e-mail address for advertising purposes.
4.4.1. If the Customer has given consent to use his contact information for the purpose of direct marketing, he/she will receive advertising notices to the contact information provided to ADV Service by him/her.
4.5. The Customer has at any time the right to waive from receiving direct marketing. Instructions for waiving from receiving advertising information are added to every advertising notice.
4.6. The Customer is entitled at any time to waive from receiving advertising notices by entering his/her account or by sending an e-mail to ADV Service order address: redakcija@ADV Service.lv
Data controller and authorised data processor
4.7. The Customer data controller is ADV Service Ltd., registry code 40103976878, address Cesu Str. 31, k-3, Riga, LV-1012.
Data Retention Period
4.8. ADV Service retains the data for as long as they are needed to achieve the purpose of the use of data, or until the claims expiration dates arising from the law and the retention dates of the documents arising from the law (7 years according to the Value Added Tax Act and the Accounting Act).
Customer’s rights in case of the use of data
4.9. The Customer is entitled to receive information about the use of his/her data from in accordance with the procedure and to the extent prescribed by law.
4.10. The Customer is entitled to demand from ADV Service the termination of the use of his/her data and the correction, blocking and erasure of data.
4.11. The Customer is entitled to accept or prohibit the use of his/her data for direct marketing or advertising purposes.
4.12. The Customer is entitled to turn to the Data Protection Inspectorate and the court for the protection of his/her rights.
The use of cookies
5.1. In order to provide a better service to the users, the websites of ADV Service use cookies.
5.2. The domains owned by ADV Service may include, among other things, an item that stores cookies on behalf of third parties.
Disabling cookies
5.3. The User has the right to disable the saving of cookies to the computer. In such case, the Customer must change his/her web browser settings.
5.4. Different web browsers use different methods to disable cookies.
5.5. In case of disabling cookies, the User must take into account that all features of the website may no longer be available to the User after blocking cookies.
What is a cookie?
5.6. A cookie is a text file that is sent and stored in the User's computer by the websites that the User visits. Cookies are saved in the file directory of the User's browser. If the User has visited the site before, the browser reads the cookie and sends the relevant information to the webpage or element that initially saved the cookie.
5.7. Cookies allow to monitor the website usage statistics, the popularity of different sections, and other activities carried out on the website. Such information is used for the purposes of improving the usability and content of the website.
Types of cookies used on the website
5.8. Permanent cookies are essential for moving around the website and using its features. Without permanent cookies, the User would not be able to use all the features of the website.
5.9. Session cookies allow the website to remember previous options made by the User (such as the username, language selection, etc.) and thus provide more efficient and personalised features.
5.10. Tracking cookies collect information on the User behaviour on the website. The tracking cookie information enables to improve the usability of the website.
5.11. Advertising cookies collect information about the User's browsing habits, which in turn allows the website to show the ad content that is compatible with the User's preferences at the website. In addition to that, such cookies enable to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.
6.1. The materials published in the Publications (articles, photos, videos, designs, etc.) are protected by copyright and belong to ADV Service or the respective licensor. The User may not copy, reproduce, publish, or otherwise use the materials published in the Publications, except for personal non-commercial use. References to materials published in the Publications are permitted only in the manner described in these General Terms and Conditions. Any other use of materials published in the Publications requires the prior written consent of ADV Service.
References to materials
6.2. The materials published in the Publications may be referred to with one sentence, whereas the sentence making the reference may not be longer than the first sentence of the original article. This rule applies as long as no other agreements have been made. The rule also applies in case of referring to the reference to an article of the Publication in another publication.
6.3. If the material published in the Publication has been referred to in a larger extent, ADV Service has the right to ask the following fees for it:
6.3.1. 200 euros for one-time uncoordinated use of material;
6.3.2. 320 euros for repetitive (two or more times) uncoordinated use of materials for every use.
6.4. When referring to the Publication in whatever kind of media (Internet, paper publications, radio, television, etc.), it is mandatory to always mention the Publication as a source. When referring online, a link to the original article must always be published together with the referring.
Copying and distribution of materials
6.5. Copying and distribution of materials published in the Publication is forbidden without the prior consent of ADV Service.
6.6. Materials that Users have created or saved on the portals administered ADV Service belong to the respective User and user permission to use these materials must be requested from this User.
7.1. The services of ADV Service may include apps that require access to photos and/or camera of the smart device of the User. Access is required, for example, in order for the User to send photos from his/her device to ADV Service. Access can be enabled or disabled by the User from his/her smart device by changing the app settings. When access is enabled, the personal data contained in the photos will be processed on the basis of the User's consent and the User may waive from the use of the application at any time. When downloading any application, the User is required to read the terms of the application and agree with them, if he/she wishes to do so.
7.2. The services of ADV Service may include applications, the use of which requires the determination of the User's location with the GPS-application of the smart device. In case of applications downloaded by the User, ADV Service may determine the User's location by using his/her smart device (GPS), in order to provide location-based services and increase usability, for example, by providing the User with the services nearest to him/her or send him/her the best offers from our partners. The User can waive from location-based services by changing the app settings in his/her smart device.
7.3. The processing of photos, camera applications and location data is subject to the consent of the User and the downloading of the applications is considered as giving the consent.
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